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Ron is a Master Photoshop Retoucher Ron uses his years of lighting experience in film & video to bring images to life visually & emotionally. Ron is tuned into the art of seeing.

On the technical side of things Ron knows what makes photoshop tick. He is completely versed in all aspects of photoshop, color correction, layer masks, color spaces, bit depth, resolution, batch processing, image sharpening for the web, printing press and fine art and building composites and Photoshop simulations.

Ron is obsessed with keeping all files backed up on one of his many external hard drives. Backing up the hard drive continuously while working on a project. Every photoshop file has a Master and Version number (another obsession) to assure that files never get mixed up and to know with certainty which is the latest file.

Ron teaches Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop & digital photography,
"Soup to Nuts" to private students. Shooting and processing RAW images is now king & Adobe Camera Raw is the second most powerful tool in my arsenal in addition to Photoshop.

Ron is a Master of Light & the subtle nuances of light & shadow, a veteran Photographer and Photoshop Master specializing in Photoshop services to the media, artists, designers, advertising agencies & other commercial or wedding photographers.

As Director of Photography at Sony Music Studios in NYC Ron lit & "filmed" Tony Bennett, Carol King, Sandra Bernhard, Billy Crystal, Shawn Colvin, Luther Vandross, Youssou N’Dour's and The Bruce Cockburn Band's live broadcast performance and Julio Iglesias multiple times to name a few.

Ron studied at The School Of Visual Arts in NYC where he majored in advertising design and photography. Eventually falling in love with photography, video and film production.

Ron is currently living in Boston Massachusetts & is available for all photoshop assignments & some photography assignments.

Photoshop Studio in my home.