The Big Day!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

I would love to work with you.

Ron Richman Photography @2022

      There is nothing more important on your wedding day than getting married and shoes. After that... champagne, dancing, eating, more champagne, more dancing, more eating, stealing a kiss and smiling at the photographer!

      I am really big on planning. I will work closely with you to photographically plan the day.  We will talk and plan as much as you like there is no time limit on planning.  Getting to know each other and planning are key to getting the job done in a time frame that works in real life – the most important thing we will be doing together before The Big Day.

      The more I know about your family, key people... which one is Uncle Joe? and events of the day the easier it is for me to capture the moments. For example... having a list of names of both families with photos next to each name is just one thing we can do to help me do a great job. We can email, text, talk everything - all the things. 
Hi.  You must be Uncle Joe.  Pleasure to meet you!


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