Personal Treasures Photo Restoration


Client: Family Photos

Project: Restoration of Treasured Family Photos

Challenge: Salvage old, tattered and faded treasured family photos

There is no need to loose these treasured memories to the ravages of time.

We all have damaged photos, I can restore your treasured photos and heirlooms bringing them back to life.

Using the latest digital techniques old photos are scanned into a photoshop workstation creating a high resolution master digital file.
I can preserve the old look of the photograph matching sepia darkroom techniques, black & white and color or enhance the image as needed or desired.

In the photo of this young girl we used many cloning techniques and we were able to use elements in the original image to replace & repair the missing and torn portions.

Once the digital work is done it is time make a beautiful print.

The final image can be printed the same size, smaller or much larger with out losing any detail.