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Lightwave Marketing Campaign

Client: ID2 Advertising

Project: Lightwave LED Flashlight Marketing Campaign

Challenge: Create stunning composite photography for use on all collateral for the 2002 promotional campaign

I pushed my creative Photoshop abilities way “beyond the box” to create these extraordinary images. Working closely as a team with art director Ron Gussenhoven and extreme sports photographer Keoki Flagg, the concept called for larger-than-life, border-line surreal landscapes featuring the ubiquitous red chair and an obvious Lightwave LED flashlight beam.

The elements of each final composition were brought together through proper proportion, lighting consistency, simulations, photo illustration, color correction, and creative composition to result in the series of six iconic photos used throughout this successful campaign.

Before and after images in this section illustrate a few of the dramatic technical processes involved to create the final photography, and the resulting printed collateral.

Photography for the Lightwave Marketing Campaign copyrighted to Keoki Flagg,


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