David Lemon Portfolio Photography / Color Correction

Stellar Art Publishing, Inc.

Project: Portfolio for Bronze Sculpture Artist David Lemon

Challenge: Create a consistent photographic portfolio of the artist’s work coordinating existing photography supplied by the artist and other photographers with new photography by Ron, while maintaining true-to-life color representation to accurately represent these extraordinary sculpture pieces.

The artist is very prolific and has an extensive portfolio of work. Many photos of his earlier work were amateurish, with poor lighting, inaccurate color, and severe color shifts. Photography by other photographers, although professional in nature, did not coordinate in either style, composition, or true-color representation of the artist’s work.

I established an overall style, theme and composition that could best be applied to the existing photography to unify the images. Photoshop techniques created new backgrounds and simulated lighting effects. Extensive color correction was applied to bring out the true depth of color and details of each sculpture, and fix coloring errors.

The original photography that I shot of the Lemon bronzes incorporated dramatic lighting techniques to bring out the depth and accuracy of the patinas, intricate details, and the amazing life-like qualities of each sculpture, and required only “traditional” photoshop darkroom techniques to bring the image to life and unify the final portfolio.

Much of this photography is featured on the artist’s website, www.bronzesbylemon.com, and was used to create a printed portfolio for art galleries representing Lemon. Samples of “before and after” photos in this section illustrate a few of the dramatic processes involved to create the final photographic portfolio of these exquisite sculptures.