Ron Richman Bio Picture

Ron Richman Biography

Ron Richman was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1947, and had his first camera by the time he was in the 3rd grade. He studied a science curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh, but felt his creative side taking over. Moving back to Manhattan, Ron worked in commercial darkrooms as a custom black and white printer and attended the School of Visual Arts and The Art Students League in NYC. He has a long rich history with the photographic process.

Following his dreams to become a video cameraman, he signed up for an internship on a documentary about Carol Bellamy (then the first female president of the New York City Council), and never looked back. He completed an intensive Electronic Video Theory Workshop, a training program originally for CBS, NBC and ABC news film editors, and was soon a 3/4” video tape editing assistant at KTK, and then a 3/4” editing instructor. A love affair with creating images in video fueled his desire to learn lighting. Ron became a grip – a position that perfectly suited his skills and a unique opportunity to learn everything about lighting.

Setting lights and modifying lighting for the cameramen he worked for was the ultimate on-the-job training program. He honed his composition, lighting and creative skills for the next 18 years working his way up through the film industry in NYC to become Director of Photography for Sony Music Studios in New York. Lighting and shooting promotional music videos for Sony, Ron videotaped many Sony artists during his tenure including Luther Vandros, Billy Crystal, Carol King, Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett, Melissa Manchester, Shawn Colvin.... to name just a few.

Responding to a need, Ron launched “Ron’s Camera Car”, converting his own Chevy Suburban into his first “camera platform car”. Solving another “problem” he saw, he designed and built car rigs – “contraptions” that mount a camera, or cameras, to a moving vehicle for filming rolling, action shots. His rigs were used on hundreds of music videos, commercials, and feature films.

Ron’s discovery of Photoshop was a life changing event. He began working in this exciting new medium as a freelance technician in NYC, mastering Photoshop along the way and becoming a Photoshop Instructor for PC/Mac Central.

But, Photography was always center stage. Ron bit the bullet and pursued his photographic calling traveling to San Francisco and then to North Lake Tahoe – fertile ground for a good photographic eye.